Vitamin-R Experimental Support for NeuroSky MindWave Brain Wave Sensor

The MindWave brain wave sensor is a low cost EEG headset that connects to your Mac via bluetooth. Electroencephalography (EEG) has been used in brain research and clinical settings for decades, but the devices are typically unwiedly and expensive.

NeuroSky has recently released the $99 MindWave headset that is affordable, easy to handle and comfortable to wear. This has for the first time brought this technology to the mainstream and offers a great opportunity for exploring brain-computer interfaces for a range of uses.

Brain wave sensors are of special interest for people wishing to enhance their ability to more strongyl concentrate or more deeply relax, as EEG brain wave measurements have long been used to extrapolate attentive and meditative states.

Currently Vitamin-R includes experimental support for:

  • visualizing "attention" and "meditation" levels
  • averaging them over a time slice
  • pre-selecting the appropriate "focus" level in the "rate your time slice" step

Depending on feedback and the amount of interest, we will be adding further MindWave-specific features to the product over time.

One feature that would be of great interest would be if we could figure out based on your current attention and meditation levels, the exact moment when you are losing focus/ become distracted and react immediately by gently nudging your attention back to the task; perhaps by playing the ticking clock sound or by speaking the objective at just the right moment.

Using measured attention levels rather than subjective ratings has many other benefits. The unbiased nature of the measurements should make the statistics designed to help you find the best time for focused work across the week or the time of the day much more relevant.

Please note that you will need to run Vitamin-R in 32-bit mode for the MindWave drivers to load correctly. Full details are available under the "Vitamin-R Help..." item in the "Help" menu within the program.

If you choose to give the MindWave a try, we would appreciate it if you could do so via our affiliate link and thus sponsor further MindWave enhancements for Vitamin-R.

We are keen to get in touch with MindWave users, so please feel free to contact us at and to relay your experiences or take part in some private beta tests.

Download Version 2.43
Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Version 1.85
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Version 1.48
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Mountain Lion & Retina Ready

Product Demonstration

A brief demonstration of Vitamin-R in use.

4.5 mice review at macworld

I found Vitamin-R to be one of the few get-things-done applications that actually works for meóin my book, thatís a huge task accomplished.

MacWorld, 3rd August 2010

Now with MindWave EEG Sensor Support

MindWave NeuroSky

Vitamin-R now includes experimental support for NeuroSky's $99 wireless MindWave Brain Wave Sensor that measures "attention" and "meditation" levels.

The Vitamin-R Approach

The entire Vitamin-R approach distilled into a 4 minute slide show.

Latest Version

17th October 2016

Version 2.43 rolls back navigation controller changes.

User Manual

This PDF user manual puts the product into perspective and reveals how different concepts were blended into this unique product.

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