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Better Software for Apple Mac osx

Many powerful search features:

Gateway to the other A Better Finder products
  • launch A Better Finder Rename or A Better Finder Attributes with the selected files
  • produce tab delimited file lists for processing with A Better Finder Rename
  • use UNIX-style wild cards to select files, e.g. *.doc, image*.gif, etc.
  • use Grep or Perl-style regular expressions (details)
  • select all files that are digital camera pictures with valid EXIF information
  • select all files that contain a particular character string
  • select all files that begin with a particular character string
  • select all files that end in a particular character string
  • select all files that match a particular creator or type code
  • select files and folders separately or together
  • recursively select files and folders in subfolders
Multiple access methods for all your needs:
  • simply press the Control-Command-S hot key
  • fully integrated with the Finder via the contextual menu
  • drop the files onto the application icon
Other features include:
  • user interface is similiar to A Better Finder Rename
  • the ability to configure the hot key combination by using the "A Better Finder" preferences panel ("Apple" menu -> "System Preferences..." )
  • persistent settings (the tool will automatically remember your last settings)
  • fully integrated with the Macintosh Finder