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Unlock Code Database

You can retrieve your unlock codes automatically by using the web form below.

You only need to know which email address was used to make the purchase.

Your unlock code details will be resent to that address.


Please note:

The database only contains the orders processed through:

  • All BMT Micro webstore orders
  • SWREG USD webstore starting in February 2004
  • SWREG EURO web store starting in May 2007

If you:

  • have made purchases via MacUpdate or MacZot
  • OR have made your purchase through our Kagi web store
  • OR through our EURO SWREG web store before May 2007
  • OR you no longer have access to the original email address

you will need to contact us at to obtain your unlock codes. Please include your old email addresses to help us find your code. You can avoid getting accidentally trapped in our spam mail filter by accident by including x14 anywhere in your subject line.