Windows Apps

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Better File Rename 5.47 for Windows

Feature-packed batch file renaming.

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Photo Date Changer 1.0b1 for Windows

Easily adjust digtial photo timestamps.

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Better File Attributes 2.06 for Windows

Change modification and creation dates of multiple files.

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Better File Select 2.17 for Windows

The power of Unix file selection in the Windows Explorer.

Little Apps: ergonomix for Windows

Recent Site News

15th April 2014 Photo Date Changer 1.0 beta 1 does exactly what it says on the box.
10th March 2014 Better File Rename 5.47 improves droplet support.
4th February 2014 Better File Rename 5.46 fixes a minor bug affecting droplets.
8th October 2013 Better File Rename 5.45 fixes two minor bugs.
4th September 2013 Better File Rename 5.44 improves the unlocking procedure.

Mac OS X Apps

For those who prefer their software in white rather than beige...


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Vitamin-R 2.12

Recapture the lost art of joyful concentration. Overcome procrastination. Get motivated.

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A Better Finder Rename 9.31

Feature-packed file renaming with EXIF, MP3, instant preview, multi-step renames, presets and reg ex support.

Attributes Icon

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A Better Finder Attributes 5.25

Tweak JPEG, CR2, CRW & CIFF photo shooting dates, sync JPEG & RAW timestamps with file creation dates, change file dates, ...

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The Big Mean Folder Machine 2.29

Quickly re-organize even vast file collections.

Noise Machine Icon

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Noise Machine 1.10

Your Personal Productivity Bubble

MacBreakZ Icon

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MacBreakZ 5.14

Your Personal Ergonomic Assistant