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Better Software for Windows

Version 2.21

23rd July 2018

The new version fixes a problem with product registration.

Version 2.20

2nd July 2018

The new version modernizes the application's architecture.

Version 2.19

28th November 2016

The new release adds support for the new series unlock code.

Version 2.18

14th June 2014

The new release improves the unlock behaviour.

Version 2.17

20th June 2012

The new release gets an improved installer.

Version 2.16

19th January 2012

The new release fixes a minor bug.

Version 2.15

6th December 2011

The new release updates the user interface.

Version 2.14

25th October 2011

The new release is now Windows 7 compatible.

Version 2.13

19th October 2011

The new release fixes an issue with the 64-bit shell extension.

Version 2.1.2

9th September 2008

Provides compatibility with Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Version 2.1.1

27th April 2006

The new version incorporates our new icons.

Version 2.1

15th March 2005

The new version adds support for the 64 bit version of Windows XP.

Version 2.0

23rd NOVEMBER 2005

The new version is a free upgrade that adds the ability to select a given number of files within a selection at random.

Version 1.9

27th OCTOBER 2005

The new version fixes a problem with the wildcard matching behaviour and addresses a minor drawing bug.

Version 1.8

19th MAY 2004

The new version adds the ability to select folders.

Version 1.7

21st APRIL 2004

The new version integrates directly into Better File Attributes, our new tool for changing file attributes.