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Better Software for Apple Mac osx

Core features:

  • access A Better Finder Launcher by pressing its hot key from any program (F1 function key).
  • select any application, document or folder by typing only a few letters of their name.
  • the query results list displays all matching applications or files while you type.
  • launch the application or document by hitting the "Return" key or clicking on the "Launch" button.
  • can be run as a "normal" application complete with dock icon and menu bar or as a hot-key only program without dock icon or menu bar.

Basic selection:

  • select items beginning with a particular character sequence.
  • select items that contain a particular character sequence.
  • select items that contain a particular word fragment.
  • select an item directly from the table.
  • remembers the settings from the last session.

Adaptive ranking algorithm

  • ranks your query results according to your usage patterns, taking into account both recency and frequency
  • built-in knowledge of the "worth" of different items

Full keyboard navigation:

  • press F1 to display the launch dialog
  • use interactive typing to find the right item
  • use the up and down arrows to move through the application name table
  • use the Command key together with the up and down arrow keys to cycle through the matching modes (name begins with, contains the word, contains the charaters, matches the wildcard)
  • use Command-U to initiate a manual hard disk scan

Disk indexing engine:

  • choose which folders you want to be scanned
  • determine which document types to index
  • exclude specific folders and items from the index
  • set up automatic scans at regular intervals
  • launch a manual scan whenever you want

Wildcard name matching:

  • ideal for power-users
  • a * character matches any name fragment
  • a ? character matches any single character
  • e.g. "a*ph" matches "Adobe Photoshop", etc.


  • use the "A Better Finder" preference pane in the "System Preferences..." to configure the hot key combination.
  • use the "Configure" button for other settings
  • customize the window transparency and text colors


  • attractive transparent user interface
  • simple to learn and use
  • entirely developed in Cocoa and Objective-C
  • easy drag & drop installation