I’ll admit it, I’m not a great Twitter fan. Perhaps at 30 something, I’m already well past it.

I find myself agreeing at least partially with notorious software pundit, Joel Spolsky who announces his retirement from blogging with this little tidbit:

l appreciate that many people find Twitter to be valuable, I find it a truly awful way to exchange thoughts and ideas. It creates a mentally stunted world in which the most complicated thought you can think is one sentence long. It’s a cacophony of people shouting their thoughts into the abyss without listening to what anyone else is saying. Logging on gives you a page full of little hand grenades: impossible-to-understand, context-free sentences that take five minutes of research to unravel and which then turn out to be stupid, irrelevant, or pertaining to the television series Battlestar Galactica. I would write an essay describing why Twitter gives me a headache and makes me fear for the future of humanity, but it doesn’t deserve more than 140 characters of explanation, and I’ve already spent 820. [Joel on Software Blog]

Nonetheless, despite the fact that I have never advertised the existence of a twitter feed in my name (you’ve got to see what all the fuss is about after all), I do seem to have acquired a very small following anyway, so I feel honour bound to make an effort.

So henceforward, at least until I completely forget about it again, here’s a link to my official twitter feed.