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Better Software for Apple Mac osx

Free Software Offer

This is your opportunity to get free software from us.

As an indie software developer, making people aware of the existence of our products isn't always easy. As a webmaster, or a blogger, you can help us reach more people and we in turn can provide you with one or more of our products for FREE in recognition of your effort.

The program is open for everybody with a publicly viewable web site or blog.

You can get free products in exchange against putting a permanent link to an appropriate product page hosted at this site.

The link must be placed in a prominent location on your web page.

The link must be "permanent" (must exist for at least 6 months before it is removed) and must link directly to a product page.

Link Examples

You can use any text which includes a product name for a text link.

A Better Finder Rename is a neat file renaming utility that I use on my site.

Check out Better File Rename for Windows!

How do I get my free product(s)?

You will at least get one product for free.

If you have a high-traffic site (i.e. >5000 visitors/ month) or your content is of particular interest to us, e.g.

  • Mac
  • Digital Photography
  • Ergonomics
  • Charitable organizations

you may get several product for free.

After you have posted or uploaded the link, email with the following information:

  • the URL of the web page
  • the product(s) you want
  • if you want more than 1 product, please include the approximate number of visitors your site gets per month (please be honest!)

We will review your link asap and mail you the unlock codes for the product(s) you have chosen.

We naturally reserve the right to refuse inappropriate pages (no pornography, no warez, no racist or inflammatory content).