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Contact Information

Unlock Codes

If you have lost your unlock code or have not yet received it, please try the Unlock Code Database for immediate access.

Macintosh Product Support

Please email us at and include x14 on the subject line to get straight through all our spam filters.

Windows Product Support

Please email us at and include x14 on the subject line to get straight through all our spam filters.

Ordering, Payments and Refunds

We do not deal directly with payment processing, but use BMT Micro as our resellers. If you have questions about a specific order that you have already placed, please contact them directly via their web site. They are very friendly and effective.

If you need to order via a purchase order, please contact BMT Micro directly.

For refunds, please contact

Business Contact

Please email and include x14 on the subject line to get straight through all our spam filters.

Some tips for getting quick product support

When you send us email, please include as much relevant information right in your first email as possible. We can only help you if we know exactly what the problem is.

At a minimum we need to know:

  • who you are.
  • what product you experience problems with.
  • what the version of the product is.
  • what your operating system version is

The more detailed your description of the problem is, the easier it is to help you effectively and the quicker we can find a solution.

If you can, please include one or more screenshots in your email, that way we see what you see. (Mac OS X users can check out the Grab application in the Applications:Utilities folder or press Command-Control-Shift-3 or Command-Control-Shift-4 to put a screenshot of what you see on the screen on the clipboard).

On the Mac, you can find crash reports at ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/:

  • go to the Finder
  • with the Option key held down, click on the "Go" menu and select "Library" (the library item only shows when the option key is held down)
  • navigate to the DiagnosticReports folder and find most recent crash logs for the product

Often the Console logs tell us more than the crash logs themselves:

  • in the Finder go to the Applications folder
  • navigate into the Utilities folder
  • launch the Console app

You will see lots of things printed there and if you copy paste the section from the moment you launch our product to the moment where the problem occurs, it will help us see what is happening.

Persistent failure to reply

First of all: Don't assume that we are not replying!

We reply to all email that we get from our customers, so if you don't receive a reply it's either because we didn't get your message or because you didn't get our reply.

In recent years, many of our replies get filtered out by spam filters, other messages come back with "mailbox full" replies. This is both frustrating to you because you don't get the help you need, and to us because we can't help you!

Since mid-2020, the various European GMX (e.g.,,, mail servers are routinely blocking all our emails because of a minor server misconfiguration on our end that has been resolved for many months. GMX appears to be operating on severely out-of-date Spamhaus data, but that unfortunately means that we just can't reach you.

We are still getting your mail, but you'll never see our replies. There are signs that this is now improving in mid-October, but if you have another email address, please use that!

For your unlock codes, you can go to the Self Service Unlock Code Database and get your codes by simply entering your email address. For recent purchases, your codes are displayed on the web interface as well as being re-sent to your email address. GMX users can get their codes this way.

1. When you write to us include "x14" somewhere in the subject line; this will short circuit our spam filters.

2. Check your own spam mailbox; there's an excellent chance there's already in there!

3. Check that you can receive mail from other people. We can't tell you how much mail we get back (especially from that is "undeliverable. Mailbox full"!