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Better Software for Apple Mac osx

Contact Information

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions, suggestions or if you experience any problems with our products.

We are happy to help.

If you have lost your unlock code or have not yet received it, please try the Unlock Code Database for immediate access.

For Windows support, please contact

For Macintosh support, general enquiries & business contacts, please contact (if you want to be certain that your mail passes through our junk mail filters add x14 somewhere on the subject line of your mail).

Some tips for getting quick product support

When you send us email, please include as much relevant information right in your first email as possible. We can only help you if we know exactly what the problem is.

At a minimum we need to know:

  • who you are.
  • what product you experience problems with.
  • what the version of the product is.
  • what your operating system is.
  • what version of the operating system you have.
  • whether you are you a registered user or not.

The more detailed your description of the problem is, the easier it is to help you effectively.

If you can, include a screenshot in your email; this often means more than a thousand words.

If you have trouble with English, you can also write to us in:

  • French, or
  • German

We will still reply in English, but we understand those two languages well enough to help you.

Please note that we have a lot of products that start with "A Better Finder", "Better File" or contain "Rename". Please use the whole name of the product to get us started.

Persistent failure to reply

First of all: Don't assume that we are not replying!

We reply to all email that we get from our customers, so if you don't receive a reply it's either because we didn't get your message or because you didn't get our reply.

In recent years, many of our replies get filtered out by spam filters, other messages come back with "mailbox full" replies. This is both frustrating to you because you don't get the help you need, and to us because we can't help you!

1. When you write to us include "x14" somewhere in the subject line; this will short circuit our spam filters. We do manually go through our spam folders, but with more than 3000 spam messages per month mistakes happen..

2. Check your own spam mailbox and check that you can receive mail from other people.