ergonomic stretch #2: lateral neck stretch

This is another one of my favorite stretches from MacBreakZ / ergonomix:


Keeping the head straight all day while you stare at a computer screen is hard work for the neck muscles and they are one of the areas of our body that positively soak up tension. A trapped nerve in the neck can cause you to feel soreness and pain all the way from the shoulders down to the fingers.

This is a great stretch for releasing and counter-acting tension in your lateral neck muscles.

As always, this is not medical advice, you use the stretch at your own risk and you should consult with your doctor before engaging in any physical exercise..

One thought on “ergonomic stretch #2: lateral neck stretch

  1. Hello , i have a bad sholder/neck pain , its gettign worse . Ive been to my gp and he said i need rest i had rest and it was all the same . My freinds at work say its probaly a trapped nerve . what can i do ?

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