Getting ready for Leopard

After yesterday’s release of “The Big Mean Folder Machine” 1.0, my attention is now shifting towards the imminent release of Mac OS X Leopard.

The rumor mill has it that it will be released the last weekend of October and as always we’ll be ready.. there are only minor visual glitches to take care of.

I’m not sure what your thoughts on the new and much darker “space” theme are, but I think it will take some getting used to. I’m still not convinced that the new “darker” Apple site looks anything as good as the old “aqua” one.. it’s the first time that I’m wondering whether Apple is actually taking a step backwards rather forwards at least in visual style..

As soon as Leopard is officially released, work on A Better Finder Rename v8 will start in earnest.. no rest for the wicked.

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for Leopard

  1. Agreed about the new “darker” Apple look. I spent about 2 months straight working with Leopard for a book and kept insisting to my editor that Apple would have to change the look of folders…the new look was just too ugly. I was wrong. But the overall consistency in application appearance is an improvement. I guess.

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