TheMacNurse competition

What makes the “world of mac” different from the Windoze world is largely the spirit of community and it’s fascinating that after 30 years of Apple, the community is probably as vibrant as it is has ever been.

There are community sites, news sites, rumor sites (this is no doubt the Mac speciality) and all kinds of other enthusiast endeavours springing up all over the net.

TheMacNurse, is one that has piqued my particular interest. They offer free online support for all things Mac. That can’t be right “free”?

Well it seems it is, and their volunteers will help you out at no cost.

This kind of inititiative is just too great to stand idly by and do nothing. As I can’t honestly say that I want to join their volunteers and provide free Mac support in addition to the technical support I provide for our own products, I’ve taken the easy way out and chosen to give away two copies each of:

So go ahead and visit their competition page at: TheMacNurse.

All the best for the future guys!