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Better Software for macOS

Free Upgrades

Version 5 of MacBreakZ is a paid upgrade, but it is free for:

  • owners of a forever upgrade
  • owners of MacBreakZ who have purchased their copy after the 1st of January 2009

All other customers will need to purchase an upgrade to version 5.

If you are entitled to a free upgrade, you can claim your new unlock code by using our Unlock Code Database.

Qualifying Product

You qualify to purchase an upgrade from this page if you have previously purchased any version of MacBreakZ, either on its own or as part of a promotion.

Choose the type of license that you currently own to reveal your upgrade paths.

Currently Owned License

Possible Upgrade Paths

Please select the product that you wish to upgrade to from the sections below.



As many installations as you want for a single individual. Cannot be shared with others.

As many installations as you want for up to 5 individuals belonging to the same family.


Upgrades to the latest version and includes all minor updates up to but NOT including version 6.0

Includes all future product upgrades

Total: $12.45