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Frequently Asked Questions

I've lost my unlock code.

No problem. Check out our online registration code database.

Unlock code problems?

Unlock codes are always causing problems. The codes you get are correct. They are the same codes that everybody else gets and most people use without problems.

There are however a few simple problems that can occur with even the simplest unlock code.

  • make sure you type in the right code.

Codes start with "BFR-", "ERGW-", etc.

  • use copy and paste rather than typing the codes in manually

1 and I, 0 and O are often all but indistinguishable in some fonts. It's safer to copy & paste.

  • use the whole code

Don't forget to put in the prefix (e.g. "BFR-").

  • type the code exactly as it appears in the mail

Nothing is optional in the code!

If you still experience problems contact us and we will try to help you.

Can I try your software before I buy it?

Yes, and we recommend that you do so.

All of our software can be downloaded directly from our public website, and the downloads are fully functional, but are restricted in their default "trial" mode:

Our batch file utilities limit the number of files that can be processed simultaneously, whereas our other products are generally time-limited to 14 to 30 days trial periods.

The "trial" mode gives you the opportunity to confirm that the software does what you want it to do it, and to compare it to software from other manufacturers.

What will I receive when I order a product?

A frequent misconception of people who are not familiar with "try before you buy software" is that they expect a physical product to be shipped to them. This is not usually the case.

When you order a product from us, you will be sent an unlock code via email. This unlock code will "unlock", i.e. remove any restrictions, time limits or nag screens present in the trial version that you can freely download from our site.

You will also be granted a usage license for the product; this gives you the legal right to use the software and qualifies you for purchasing upgrades.

How do I update to a new version of a product?

Once you have purchased and unlocked a product on your computer, your unlock code will remain on your hard disk even when you install new versions.

You can thus simply download the new trial version and install it on your computer. It will automatically be unlocked.

Please keep in mind though that only minor ("point") updates are free. Major ("whole version number") upgrades are paid upgrades.

I am in a hurry. Can I get the software today?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee it.

Our main web store is powered by BMT Micro and as long as you pay via VISA or MasterCard, we will usually send out an email with your unlock code pretty much instantaneously.

There are, however, rare occasions when the payment process is delayed for credit checks, technical or human reasons. In practice, this is very rare indeed, but it is possible.

I'm a reseller, can I get a discount?

We do not offer discounts for resellers on single or family/small business licenses. This is due to the increased administrative overheads. If you are looking into buying a business or enterprise license please contact us via email.

I need your address and other details for my records.

When you buy our software, you do not purchase it from us directly but through our main reseller BMT Micro. You will need their details, not ours:

BMT Micro, Inc.
5019 Carolina Beach Rd Ste 202 Wilmington, NC 28412
Customer Service: 800-414-4268 / 910-792-9100
Customer Service FAX: 346-1672
Customer Service email:
European Union VAT number: EU826001142
Website Contact form:

I have some questions about the ordering process.

We do not deal with orders directly. You will purchase our software via our reseller, BMT Micro. It's best to contact them directly at:

They will be very happy to assist you.

Can I get a telephone number for support?

No. Sorry.

Our "try before you buy" model is all about international, low overhead software production and distribution. You as a user benefit from this by receiving highly specialized software products at a very low price.

On the other hand, 24 hour telephone support is just not possible at this price point. Unlike Microsoft, we do not have telephone support centers in 180 counties. Moreover software authors sleep too..

We are, however, more than happy to help you out with any problems via email.