File Date Changer can be purchased from the Mac App Store and will be automatically installed into the Applications folder.


File Date Changer can be uninstalled simply by dragging its application icon into the Thrash.

Finder Context Menu Installation

You need to manually activate the "File Date Changer 5..." service for its entry to appear in the Finder's context menu. You can optionally set a keyboard shortcut for the service as well.

Proceed as follows:

  • open File Date Changer 5
  • in the "File Date Changer 5" menu, select "Services Preferences..." in the "Services" sub-menu
  • scroll to the bottom of the list and tick the "File Date Changer 5..." service
  • optionally, click on the grayed "none" entry next to the service to set a keyboard shortcut
  • Select "Quit" in the "System Preferences..." menu