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ergonomix as a Prevention Tool

While no software can guarantee that you will not develop health problems as a result of computer overuse, following a few basic recommendations on computer use can dramatically reduce your risk and help you feel fresher at the end of your work day.

ergonomix helps to prevent RSI in 3 ways:


ergonomix will suggest rest periods at appropriate times throughout your work day. Unlike many similar programs, it will do this based on your actual computer usage.

Your muscles, tendons and joints need time to recover from repetitive activities and static posture. This is not only the case at the end of the work day, but also continually throughout the day. Working on your computer for 3 straight hours without interruption will cause much more damage than working on the computer for 4 hours with regular breaks.


  • your whole body will be less tense and more relaxed
  • your eyes will be less tired at the end of the work day
  • you are less prone to tension headaches
  • you are less prone to developing RSI


During rest periods ergonomix will suggest a range of easy stretching exercises which you can perform at your desk.

Stretching is one of the most effective and simple ways to prevent CTD injuries. Regular stretching breaks increase blood flow to the muscles and tendons, prevent cramped posture and the buildup of tension in the muscles. It strengthens the tendons and relaxes the body. It also has stress relieving qualities.


  • relieves muscle tension and promotes general feeling of well being
  • strengthens your muscles and tendons
  • relieves stress
  • you are less prone to developing RSI

Ergonomic know-how

During rest periods ergonomix displays ergonomic tips, tricks and basic ergonomic know-how.

The emergence of painful conditions is usually due to incorrect posture and faulty keyboard and mouse technique. While pacing and stretching can relief symptoms, without behavior modification the symptoms will reappear. Advice on correct posture, technique and workspace setup is therefore of paramount importance.


  • you can identify potential causes for discomfort and eliminate them
  • you can gradually acquire proper technique
  • you can optimize your workspace setup
  • you can fight the causes of discomfort rather than the symptoms