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for Intel & Apple Silicon Macs running macOS 10.14 and later.

Simple, Powerful File List Creation.

Nifty File Lists allows you to save file lists in MS Excel, Numbers & Pages-friendly CSV (Comma-Separated Values), TSV (Tab-Separated Values) and even HTML formats.

Comprehensive Meta-Data Support


Fully Interactive Preview

See all, know all

The powerful multi-threaded meta-data extraction system covers everything from basic file information, such as file name, path, size, creation and modification dates, as well as Spotlight-accessible meta-data information, including document attributes (e.g. title, authors, contributors, comments, copyright, etc.), photo, video and image attributes (content creation date, camera, lens, exposure, GPS information).

Clever scheduling allows you to add or remove columns, check file attributes and fine-tune your output in the table-based preview even as the meta-data extraction system is still busy processing lengthy lists.

As well as the table-based preview, Nifty File Lists also fully previews the actual file output, so that can you precisely fine-tune the output before committing it to disk.

Output Formats

What's your flavour?

Sorting & Customizing

..and this little piggy..

You can export file lists in common interchange formats, such as CSV (Comma-Separated Values) & TSV (Tab-Separated Values) that are used by many office (MS Excel, Numbers, etc.) and professional products (statistics packages, databases, etc). Nifty File Lists produces output that is ready to be imported into Excel and Numbers.

Output to HTML 5 is supported for web site projects. In addition to text file output, Nifty File Lists can also export to the Clipboard from which you copy paste straight into an open application.

Nifty File Lists supports many powerful sorting options including "smart" number-aware sorting, sorting by creation, modification or content creation & modification date, by size, by name and by full path.

Furthermore, you can customize the output to suit your needs. You can choose which columns to include and how to format them. The column can be re-arranged and the output format can be fine-tuned to get exactly the result that you need.

Digital Photography

Bringing order into chaos

For Digital Photographers, the joy of digital photography often comes with the curse of having to manage enormous file collections, often strewn across multiple media.

Nifty File Lists can help you keep track of your files by allowing you to easily extract file lists with precise meta-data, such as the time & place a photo was taken, the equipment used (camera, lens), image format & resolution, color space and the exposure & aperture settings.

Whether you use the file lists for your own archiving purposes or to provide file lists to clients, Nifty File Lists make the process quick, easy and error proof.

Digital Music

Never miss a beat.

Whether you produce your own music or are an avid collector, music collections quickly become unwieldy and hard to organize. Uncompressed high quality audio quickly gets very large and files eventually get relocated from one drive to another, burned to disk or backed up to the cloud. No matter what your archiving strategy is, Nifty File Lists can help you keep track of your music files.

A wide range of music, audio and video meta-data are supported and you can produce output suitable for import into databases or even the dreaded but still popular "Excel Database".

Beautiful Inside & Out

We sweat the details, so you don't have to

Nifty File Lists is written completely in Swift and its architecture takes full advantage of the multi-threading capabilities of macOS to deliver a responsive user interface that can visualize the column data that you are interested in long before the full processing has finished.

Nifty File Lists is capable of processing even very large file lists of hundreds of thousands of files.

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