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Download Nifty File Lists 1.17

for Intel & Apple Silicon Macs running macOS 10.14 and later.

Version 1.17

5th June 2024

The new version adds a new finder comment tag.

Version 1.16

10th January 2024

The new version adds a file extension column option.

Version 1.15

29th November 2023

The new version adds the ability to drag and drop files directly in the preview window and to re-arrange the output columns by dragging the table column headers.

Version 1.14

29th December 2022

The new version fixes a minor bug affecting the absolute path length column.

Version 1.13

9th August 2021

The new release adds the Spotlight description tag.

Version 1.11/2

17th February 2021

The new version adds the ability to drag and drop from the info pane into the preview, to re-arrange columns within the preview table and introduces sha1, sha256, sha384 and sha512 checksums.

The 1.12 update fixes a drag and drop bug that made it into 1.11.

Version 1.10

15th December 2020

The new release adds:

  • the full path length tag (relevant for file systems that have maximum path lengths)
  • allows files to be saved with extensions different to the recommended one

Version 1.09

21st October 2020

The new release adds native Apple Silicon support

Version 1.08

14th October 2020

The new version adds full macOS 11 Big Sur compatibility.

Version 1.07

22nd August 2020

The new version fixes a sorting bug.

Version 1.06

20th August 2020

The new version fixes a bug affecting drag and drop from third party applications.

Version 1.05

24th June 2020

The new version adds support for exporting JSON & delivers some minor bug fixes.

Version 1.04

2nd June 2020

This is a major new release that introduces a file info pane that displays all the available tags for a given file.

The info pane makes it much easier to see what's inside of your files and you can drag & drop tags from it straight to the columns table, hopefully making the whole experience of adding tags much more straightforward.

Version 1.03

26th March 2020

The new version

  • restores the auto-update feature (sorry!)
  • adds a reload command to the view menu
  • fixes a problem with the human readable duration tag
  • now respects quoting option for TSV output

Version 1.02

16th April 2020

The new version adds support for extracting Finder tags.

Version 1.01

27th March 2020

The new version fixes a dark mode bug.

Version 1.00

10th March 2020

This is the first full release of this new tool.

Version 1.00 beta 8

3rd March 2020

This is the second release candidate for version 1.00.

The new release addresses a potential problem with Catalina and the File Open dialog.

Version 1.00 beta 7

26th February 2020

This is the first release candidate for version 1.00.

The new release:

  • adds support for image meta-data tags, such as width, height, DPI & color profiles
  • adds support for id3v00 & id3v2.1 music meta-data tags
  • adds the ability to include tag category in CSV, TSV output
  • makes IPTC labels easier to identify
  • improves the management of longer source and columns lists
  • improves the display of TSV output

Version 1.00 beta 6

4th February 2020

The new version:

  • adds support for EXIF tags
  • adds support for GPS tags
  • adds support for IPTC tags
  • divides tags into separate description spaces
  • improves parameter view scrolling

Version 1.00 beta 5

31st January 2020

The new version:

  • adds full support for all ID3 tags for mp3 music files
  • adds support for Audio Visual tags
  • adds support for optionally escaping multi-line text fields
  • adds a clear button to the source list
  • adds support for dragging and dropping files onto the application icon

Version 1.00 beta 4

28th January 2020

The new version adds new tags:

  • file name (without file extension)
  • file name (up to the first period)
  • relative path
  • parent path
  • human readable duration

It is also now possible to include column headers to all output formats.

Version 1.00 beta 3

22nd January 2020

This version fixes a crash when checking for updates. It is possible that this update needs to be manually downloaded from the website and cannot be auto-updated to. Sorry.

Version 1.00 beta 2

21st January 2020

This version adds the French localization, corrects the system requirements on the disk image background and resolves a software update problem.

Version 1.00 beta 1

16th January 2020

This is the first public beta of this tool.