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Download Nifty File Lists 1.01

for Mac OS X 10.14 and later

Version 1.01

27th March 2020

The new version fixes a dark mode bug.

Version 1.00

10th March 2020

This is the first full release of this new tool.

Version 1.00 beta 8

3rd March 2020

This is the second release candidate for version 1.00.

The new release addresses a potential problem with Catalina and the File Open dialog.

Version 1.00 beta 7

26th February 2020

This is the first release candidate for version 1.00.

The new release:

  • adds support for image meta-data tags, such as width, height, DPI & color profiles
  • adds support for id3v00 & id3v2.1 music meta-data tags
  • adds the ability to include tag category in CSV, TSV output
  • makes IPTC labels easier to identify
  • improves the management of longer source and columns lists
  • improves the display of TSV output

Version 1.00 beta 6

4th February 2020

The new version:

  • adds support for EXIF tags
  • adds support for GPS tags
  • adds support for IPTC tags
  • divides tags into separate description spaces
  • improves parameter view scrolling

Version 1.00 beta 5

31st January 2020

The new version:

  • adds full support for all ID3 tags for mp3 music files
  • adds support for Audio Visual tags
  • adds support for optionally escaping multi-line text fields
  • adds a clear button to the source list
  • adds support for dragging and dropping files onto the application icon

Version 1.00 beta 4

28th January 2020

The new version adds new tags:

  • file name (without file extension)
  • file name (up to the first period)
  • relative path
  • parent path
  • human readable duration

It is also now possible to include column headers to all output formats.

Version 1.00 beta 3

22nd January 2020

This version fixes a crash when checking for updates. It is possible that this update needs to be manually downloaded from the website and cannot be auto-updated to. Sorry.

Version 1.00 beta 2

21st January 2020

This version adds the French localization, corrects the system requirements on the disk image background and resolves a software update problem.

Version 1.00 beta 1

16th January 2020

This is the first public beta of this tool.