Version 1.19

19th May 2022

The new version correctly accepts unlock codes for Vitamin-R 4.

Version 1.18

21st October 2020

The new version delivers native Apple Silicon support and macOS 11 Big Sur compatibility.

Version 1.16

8th October 2019

The new version delivers full compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Version 1.15

11th December 2018

The new version re-implements the sound enigne and now supports bluetooth headsets.

Version 1.14

28th August 2018

The new version now recognizes unlocked versions of Vitamin-R 3 and unlocks itself automatically.

Version 1.13

2nd February 2016

This release fixes a software update vulnerability in the Sparkle framework that was exposed on the 29th of January.

Version 1.12

10th November 2015

The new version adds support for dark menu bar mode and modernizes the entire code base for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Version 1.11

6th August 2015

The new version improves the installation experience.

Version 1.10

2nd April 2014

This release adopts the new ARC memory architecture.

Version 1.09

19th June 2013

This release makes it easier to join our new opt-in mailing list.

Version 1.08

18th September 2012

The new release addresses a startup problem.

Version 1.07

11th September 2012

The new release addresses a startup problem.

Version 1.06

5th September 2012

The new release improves integration with the Mac App Store version.

This is the first Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later only release.

Version 1.05

11th July 2012

The new release fixes a Mountain Lion-related problem.

Version 1.04

10th July 2012

The new release adds Retina Display and Mountain Lion support.

Version 1.03

20th April 2011

Fixes a startup bug with yesterday's 1.02 release.

Version 1.02

19th April 2011

This new release delivers longer and improved loops.

Version 1.0

6th October 2010

This is the first full release of Noise Machine.

There are no changes from the "golden master" 0.4 version.

Version 0.4

4th October 2010

This release replaces the existing sounds with higher quality versions.

Version 0.3

28th September 2010

This releases fixes another crashing bug.

Version 0.2

22nd September 2010

This release fixes a potential crashing bug.

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