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Incrementing Dates Using a Sort Order

There are occasions where you want to set the file dates of a series of files starting from a specific date and steadily increasing from there in constant increments.

A specific example is when you have image files without content creation meta-data, but where you know both the approximate time and the sequence in which they were taken. This is a common scenario especially when you want to import scanned image files into an image management system such as Apple’s Photos or Adobe’s Lightroom.

A Better Finder Attributes enables you to do this:

  • select Advanced Date Manipulation from the Action: popup menu.

  • select Specific Date from the Use: popup menu.

  • select Increment by sort order from the Change: popup menu.

You can then adjust the sort order and the interval to be used by adjusting the First: and Then: popup menus, and the Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Days, Months & Years input fields.

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