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for Intel & Apple Silicon Macs, requires macOS 10.15 or later.

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for Intel & Apple Silicon Macs, requires macOS 10.13 or later.

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for Intel & Apple Silicon Macs, requires macOS 10.10 or later.

"A Better Finder Rename 11 review: Image renaming software that everyone should have."

iMore Review, 5/5 stars, A Better Finder Rename 11, Jeffrey Battersby, November 2019

".. if you are serious about backing up and archiving files, you definitely need this app.

Visuals Producer, A Better Finder Rename 11

"..when all hope is lost, A Better Finder Rename comes to the rescue".

5 out 5 stars, Alain Lalisse, Vous et Votre Mac

Review of Version 9.52, October 2015

Based on the amount of power, ease of use, flexibility, and the fact that is Mountain Lion ready, it is easy to recommend Better Rename 9 as a great tool for those out there who need to rename a lot of files.

Rodrigo Leon, Mac AppStorm, (9 out of 10)

Review of Version 9.08, July 2012

A Better Finder Rename handles all your basic batch renaming needs with simplicity, speed and elegance. But if your needs are more complex, it has the power and flexibility to handle just about any task.

Rick Getter, MacDirectory, (5 out of 5 Star Rating)

Review of Version 8.47, January 2010

There’s all kinds of other power goodies built in to A Better Finder Rename, but you get the idea. Once you install it and use it, you’ll feel like the drug addict who’s been handed a free fix from your neighborhood dealer. You can’t live without it.

Mac 360

Review of Version 7, August 2008

A Better Finder Rename is an excellent renaming tool which is simple to use and can save you hours of wasted renaming time.

Softonic Editors Review

Review of Version 7, 2008

In short, anyone who needs to rename batches of files on a regular basis will find ABFR an essential and inexpensive timesaver. Few system add-ons are essential, but this is one of them. (5 out of 5 Rating)

Review of the A Better Finder Tool Suite, February 2007

Thierry at DigitLife has written a tutorial on using A Better Finder Rename to standardize your digital photo names because "Your photos are unique".

Tutorial (in French), December 2006

If you had asked me ten years ago if the first versions of ABFR could be any better, I’d probably have answered, “I don’t see how. It’s already amazing.” Yet, Publicspace has continually proven there’s always something that can be better. There’s probably already a good list of rename action improvements and additions of which I wouldn’t have dreamed.

About This Particular Macintosh

Review of Version 7.4. October 2006

A Better Finder Rename is an indispensable utility that provides countless services no matter what the domain of activity is, including digital photography.

(translated from French)

A Better Finder Rename est un utilitaire indispensable qui rend d’innombrables services, quel que soit le domaine d’activité dont la photographie numérique.
Review of Version 7.0 Preview 1, 22nd September 2005

cnet_review"If you own a digital camera or have an ever-growing music collection, then you know what a hassle it is to change filenames. A Better Finder Rename was designed just for that task and does it very well. A powerful Macintosh Finder enhancement, this utility transforms the tedious and time-consuming chore of renaming multiple files and digital images into a simple matter of seconds. The utility performs routine renaming jobs without a hitch, and we especially like that it works with both folder names and filenames. Versatile and easy to use, put A Better Finder Rename to work changing those generic filenames into something more descriptive and meaningful."

CNET Editor's Review (version 6.9.5)

"A utility that is as discreet as effective. A product recommended by MacDigit.Com..."

"The publisher PublicSpace has been known for years in the Apple sphere for the reliability and competence of its products."

"A Better Finder Rename: un utilitaire de référence pour Mac OS 9 et Mac OS X"

Review of Version 6.0, 17th November 2003
(translated from French, article no longer online)

Arguably the best file renaming utility on the market for OS X is A Better Finder Rename.

It allows you to rename multiple files simultaneously using an incredible number of rules and replacement options.

You can choose to change just the filename, just the file extension, or both.

You can replace, add, or remove text in filenames using various renaming options.

And if you find yourself performing the same renaming actions over and over, you can create a renaming "droplet" -- drag a bunch of files or folders over the droplet and it will do its thing using your selected options.

Dan Frakes, Mac OS X Power Tools

"The A Better Finder Series is an ingenious product that will make the lives of webmasters, multimedia professionals, graphic designers, print production managers, IT professionals, and even SOHO users easier.

Though they are integrated into the Finder via contextual menu plug-ins, they all offer application level functionality because each plug in launches an application.

Frank Reiff is one of the many Macintosh shareware authors who creates incredible products with incredible quality, something that cannot be said about many commercial companies today.

What's more, Mr. Reiff allows you to purchase the utilities separate from each other if desired, so you are not forced to pay for a utility that you are never going to use.

My Mac Review
(4.5/5 Rating)

Purchased to correct file and folder names on a Windows 2000 Server file storage area used by Macintosh computers. File services for Macintosh allows Macs to save filenames that are not allowed on a Windows operating system. As a result when you go to move the files in large quantities you run into these illegal names and you can't move the files. A Better Finder Rename helped me move our files from a Windows 2000 Server to our new XServe by renaming those illegal characters in mac file names to "_" where ever found and saved us many, many hours of work and even made it possible for us to move at all, I dare say.

I use the A Better Finder series because it works, and works well. That alone warrants a very high recommendation from

Review by Director IT (6/24/2003, Version: 5.7.5), a marketing company on MacUpdate

Those who have never tried this product should do so and I strongly recommend making the US $14.95 investment to register this software — well worth the money.

MacMerc.Com Review

This software paid for itself the day I had to rename 30 or 40 files from upper case to lower case. I simply selected all the files, control clicked, chose a couple of settings and hit OK. It would have cost more than its price in my paid time to do the job manually. If you look after web sites, deal with photos or otherwise work with large numbers of files this one needs to be in the toolbox.

Ti Kouka Too