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Download A Better Finder Rename 12.05

for Intel & Apple Silicon Macs, requires macOS 10.13 or later.

Download A Better Finder Rename 11.53

for Intel & Apple Silicon Macs, requires macOS 10.10 or later.

Download A Better Finder Rename 12.05

for Intel & Apple Silicon Macs, requires macOS 10.15 or later.

Advanced Options

The Advanced Options action, introduced in A Better Finder Rename 12, allows you to customize your renaming process in a highly flexible manner.

If you are not yet familiar with Multi-Step Renames and the Advanced Sidebar, you may want to read those topics before proceeding.

When you open the Advanced Sidebar and switch to the Actions tab, you will you find the Advanced Options action at the very top of that list. This is a special action that can’t be moved, deleted or duplicated.

If you select it by clicking on it, the parameter section will show a number of advanced options that allow you to customize the way that A Better Finder Rename works in a variety of powerful ways. This action is stored inside your droplets and optionally together with your presets allowing you to store settings that were previously only available through the application preferences.

Conflict Resolution

By ticking the Use Custom Conflict Resoltion checkbox, you will override the file name conflict resolution in the application preferences.

File Extension Pairings

Many digital cameras and some advanced programs, such as Adobe’s Creative Suite products, create multiple, related files that store different information. The most common usage for this to associate thumbnail pictures, with RAW photo files, or “sidecar” files.

It can often be useful to ensure that when one of these files is renamed, all the other related files have their file names changed in the same manner.

When you check the Use File Extensions Pairings checkbox, A Better Finder Rename will internally manage this association. You need to put the file extension(s) of the main file into the Take names from: text field, and the file extensions of the associated file types into the and apply to: text field.

You can put a single file extension (e.g. jpg) or multiple file extensions separated by commas (e.g. cr2, cr3, nef) into either field.

Custom Shooting Date Priority Order & Timezones

This is a very complicated topic, so please refer to its own help section

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