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Download A Better Finder Rename 12.05

for Intel & Apple Silicon Macs, requires macOS 10.13 or later.

Download A Better Finder Rename 11.53

for Intel & Apple Silicon Macs, requires macOS 10.10 or later.

Download A Better Finder Rename 12.05

for Intel & Apple Silicon Macs, requires macOS 10.15 or later.

Filter Actions

Filter actions are special actions that do not change the file name, but decide which files or folders the actions below it in the action table apply to.

Using filter actions, you can apply different renaming actions to different kinds of files. You can, for instance, make all folder names uppercase and all file names lowercase.. or add sequence numbers only to files with a .jpg extension.

  • create a filter action, by clicking on the filter button (the funnel icon with the plus sign) at the bottom of the action table in the Advanced Sidebar

The currently edited action will provide an interface that allows you to include or exclude files and folders based on a range of criteria.

At the top of the action parameters, you can decide to change only the names of files, only the names of folders, or both the names of files and folders. Below this line you can add one or more conditions. Add new conditions by using the + button on the right of an existing condition, delete a condition by clicking on the - button to its right.

You can examine whether an item fulfills the conditions by activating the “Intermediate results column” in the Preview table (View -> Preview -> Show Intermediate Results Column).

If you have a single filter action, its filter applies to all actions below it. You can place actions that should be applied to all items above the first filter action.

If you have several filter actions, each filter applies to all the items below it and before the next filter action.

You can drag & drop filter actions in the actions table, and you can delete them like normal actions.

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