Version 1.17

30th August 2021

The new version is a maintenance update.

Version 1.16

2nd November 2020

The new version adds support for jpeg, mov, mp3 and mp4.

Version 1.15

5th August 2020

The new version improves the year control.

Version 1.14

21st July 2020

The new version features improved support for dates before 1970.

Version 1.13

24th June 2020

The new release adds support for RAF raw files.

Version 1.13

2nd September 2019

The new release fixes a problem that affected the reading and writing of EXIF tags from file's whose name includes non-English characters.

Version 1.12

7th May 2019

The new version fixes a problem with the EXIF implementation.

Version 1.11

19th April 2019

The new version now supports the access and modified date as well as the create date.

Version 1.10

19th November 2018

The new version now accepts the Better File Series unlock codes to facilitate unlocking.

Version 1.09

28th November 2016

The new version supports the new series unlock code.

Version 1.07

22nd April 2015

The new version adds support for the Canon CRW and CIFF formats.

Version 1.06

4th February 2015

The new version adds support for the ARF format.

Version 1.05

14th January 2015

The new version fixes a drawing bug.

Version 1.04

10th December 2014

The new version adds support for Canon CR2 image files.

Version 1.03

3rd July 2014

The new version resolves an unlock code problem.

Version 1.02

17th June 2014

Photo Date Changer becomes part of the Better File Series.

Version 1.0

15th April 2014

This is the first release of this software.