Core features:

  • batch change file creation date and time
  • batch change file modification date and time
  • batch adjust the Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) time & date that pictures were shot to compensate for timezones or incorrectly set camera clocks
  • set the creation date of a digital camera picture file to the time the picture was taken
  • show invisible files in the Finder
  • remove invisible files (including .DS_Store) from entire folder hierarchies
  • EXIF date writing support for JPEG (modificaton of existing time stamps only), CR2, CRW and CIFF files
  • EXIF date reading support for JPEG, CRW, CR2, THM, NEF, digital camera TIFF, RAF, ORF, MRW, SRF, PEF, CIFF and DNG
  • "remove" file creation and/or creation dates so that they display as "---" in the Finder
  • add or subtract time intervals to the modification date and time
  • add or subtract time intervals to the creation date and time
  • make file creation and modification date the same
  • set or clear the "hide file extension" flag
  • set or clear the "lock" flag
  • set the Mac 9-style creator and type codes of documents

Multiple access methods for all your needs:

  • fully integrated with the Finder via the contextual menu
  • simply press the Ctrl-Command-A hot key in the Finder
  • drop the files onto the application icon

Other features include:

  • progressive disclosure user interface
  • hot key combination customizable via the "System Preferences..." menu
  • persistent settings (the tool will automatically remember your last settings)
  • fully integrated with the Macintosh Finder

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