Version 2.43

1st September 2021

The new version improves the unlock dialog.

Version 2.42

21st October 2020

The new version adds native Apple Silicon support and Big Sur compatibility.

Version 2.41

20th December 2019

The new version correctly displays the trial limitation dialog.

Version 2.40

4th October 2019

The new version adds full macOS 10.15 Catalina compatibility.

Version 2.39

3rd December 2018

The new version fixes a problem affecting operation with 10.14 Mojave Dark Mode.

Version 2.38

27th November 2018

The new version fixes a minor bug where the absence of EXIF meta-data was not handled correctly.

Version 2.37

21st February 2018

The new version adds support for HEIC and HEIF image files.

Version 2.36

28th June 2017

This is a minor maintenance release.

Version 2.35

16th January 2017

This release fixes a minor bud on macOS 10.12 Sierra.

Version 2.34

2nd February 2016

This release fixes a software update vulnerability in the Sparkle framework that was exposed on the 29th of January.

Version 2.33

26th January 2016

This release features some minor bug fixes and improved mailing list sign-up.

Version 2.32

18th November 2015

This release modernizes the code base for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Version 2.31

26th March 2015

This release improves the installation experience.

Version 2.30

14th January 2015

This release fixes an OS X drawing bug that could cause the window background to appear empty.

Version 2.29

4th February 2014

This release fixes moves to the new Automatic Reference Counting memory architecture.

Version 2.28

20th August 2013

This release fixes a bug in the batch folder naming algorithm.

Version 2.27

18th June 2013

This release makes it easier to join our new opt-in mailing list.

Version 2.26

24th August 2012

This is the first Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later only release of the product.

It features an improved integration with the Mac App Store version of the tool.

Version 2.25

11th July 2012

The new version fixes a Mountain Lion-related problem.

Version 2.24

5th July 2012

The new version adopts Apple's Developer ID identification in preparation for Mac OS X 10.7 Mountain Lion.

Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to preserve the droplet feature and this version thus removes this feature. Existing droplets should continue to work correctly.

Version 2.23

17th January 2012

The new version can now be used in the Mac OS X 10.7 full screen mode.

Version 2.22

6th December 2011

This release fixes a bug in the id3 tag reading engine.

Version 2.21

9th November 2011

This release fixes a conflict resolution bug.

Version 2.20

14th September 2011

This release adds support for reading meta-data in flac, ogg and aiff sound files.

Version 2.19

10th August 2011

This release addresses a sorting and an mp3 tag reading issue.

Version 2.18

5th July 2011

This release features a brand new ID3 tag engine for reading the embedded song, artist and album information of your music files. The new engine is up to ten times faster. More improvements to supported formats and tags are coming soon.

Version 2.17

4th May 2011

This release adds the option of creating batch folders of specific size or number of files while preserving the existing folder hierarchy

This is particularly useful when splitting up existing folder hierarchies for backup.

Version 2.16

24th February 2011

This release fixes a problem affecting music file processing.

Version 2.15

22nd February 2011

This is the first Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Intel CPU-only release of "The Big Mean Folder Machine".

The internals of the tool have been throughly modernized in anticipation of the migration to XCode 4 and the upcoming Mac OS X 10.7 Leopard developments.

Version 2.14

18th February 2011

Now that "The Big Mean Folder Machine" has been accepted into the Mac App Store, this new version makes it easier for customers to download the trial and buy from the Mac App Store.

It also warns customers that the Mac App Store currently lacks the droplet feature as it fell foul of Apple's Mac App Store Guidelines.

A Mac App Store version with droplet support is under development.

This is also probably going to be the last Mac OS 10.5 Leopard compatible release.

We usually support the current version of Mac OS X and one previous version to allow customers plenty of time to upgrade.

Apple has, however, made a number of moves in the last few weeks that make it harder than ever to maintain backwards compatibility. The Mac App Store requires that code be targeted to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Apple's XCode 4 development tools that have gone to Gold Master last week have dropped the Mac OS X 10.5 SDK and PowerPC support entirely.

In other words, the time has come to get ready for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and drop Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard compatibility a few months early.

Obviously, the current, 2.13 release will remain on the website indefinitely and we've made sure that the auto-update feature won't overwrite your current version with an incompatible Mac OS X 10.6-only version by mistake.

Version 2.13

16th February 2011

This new version allows you to switch off the debugging information being written to the system console.

Internally, a lot has changed in preparation for submitting the product the Mac App Store.

Version 2.12

17th January 2011

The new version fixes a startup problem introduced in version 2.11.

Version 2.11

12th January 2011

The new version fixes a minor problem with the way in which settings are saved to droplets.

Version 2.10

16th November 2010

The new version improves performance and memory management.

Version 2.09

19th October 2010

The new version adds the ability to split folder hierarchies based on file creator and type codes.

Version 2.08

30th June 2010

The new version delivers improved handling of missing EXIF information when creating folder hierarchies.

Version 2.07

18th May 2010

The new version delivers improved handling of missing EXIF information during the batch folder creation stage.

Version 2.06

20th January 2010

The new version adds a 4th hierarchy level, as well as making significant backend improvements.

Version 2.05

9th December 2009

Droplets can now be safely auto-updated to the latest version of the program via the software update mechanism.

Version 2.04

24th November 2009

This new release now correctly calculates the physical (size on disk) and logical (actual number of bytes) sizes of bundle files.

Version 2.03

21st October 2009

This release contains significant improvements to the handling of unlock codes and should make unlocking the product significantly less error prone.

Version 2.02

12th October 2009

Allows the program to be run more easily for users who do not have administrator privileges.

Version 2.01

9th September 2009

Fixes a crash on Snow Leopard when reading mp3 tags.

Version 2.0

22nd July 2009

Version 2.0 is the first major upgrade to "The Big Mean Folder Machine".

It features:

  • a reworked user interface that integrates all operations inside of the new resizable assistant-style window
  • better file name conflict resolution that allows to you determine in which order file distinguishers (e.g. "(a)", "(b)", ...) are applied
  • performance optimizations
  • automatic software updates courtesy of the Sparkle framework
  • lots of under the hood improvements
  • some spit and polish here and there
  • minor bug fixes

Best of all, version 2.0 is a free upgrade to all version 1.x owners.

Version 2.0b3

1st July 2009

The new version fixes a number of minor issues, including the auto-update feature which was broken in the first (two?) beta(s).

Version 2.0 is a free upgrade to all version 1.x owners.

Version 2.0b2

24th June 2009

This new beta fixes a number of minor issues.

Version 2.0b1

17th June 2009

This is the first public beta of "The Big Mean Folder Machine" 2.0.

Version 2.0 is a free upgrade to all version 1.x owners.

Most of the changes for this release are under the hood, but there are a few user-visible changes:

  • new re-sizable assistant window interface
  • faster are more sophisticated file name conflict resolution with advanced sorting
  • improved performance
  • new droplet implementaiton
  • new auto-update feature courtesy of Andy Matuschak's Sparkle framework

Version 1.6.9

8th April 2009

This new version makes important speed gains and improves conflict resolution and memory management.

Version 1.6.8

25th March 2009

Fixes the merge feature which became broken in 1.6.7.

Version 1.6.7

25th March 2009

The new version improves the performance of reading EXIF digital camera meta-data and fixes the problem that lead to version 1.6.6 being pulled.

Version 1.6.6

11th March 2009 - Pulled!

This release was pulled because it appears to be affected by a bug in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. The new "Preserve original case wherever possible" option works correctly, but under some circumstances produces an incorrect preview and reports non-existant errors which can be confusing. A bug report is being filed with Apple (update workaround found!).

The new version now allows the folders in newly created folder hierarchies to preserve the case of the original names that it contains.

Beyond the user-visible changes there are many internal changes to further improve the performance and reliability of the processing engine.

Version 1.6.5

24th February 2009

The new version delivers significant performance gains throughout. In typical scenarios the conflict resolution step is now up to ten times faster making for a much zippier experience.

Version 1.6.4

11th February 2009

The new release becomes a 64-bit garbage collected application on all 64-bit systems. This should allow for improved scalability and reliability when dealing with very large processing jobs.

Version 1.6.3

3rd February 2009

This new release significantly speeds up hierarchy creation and reduces the memory footprint of the application.

Version 1.6.2

8th January 2009

Fixes a bug affecting the "split into hierarchies" feature introduced in 1.6.

Version 1.6.1

7th January 2009

This is the first official Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard-only release of this title.

This product right from the start used operating system features first introduced in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and then refined in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. As development went on, we hit many limitations of the Tiger implementation of those features that prevented us from delivering the rapid pace of improvements that we were targeting.

In recent releases, a disproportional amount of effort went into maintaining backwards compatibility with Tiger and we've come to the conclusion that this time and energy would have been better spent moving the product forward at an increased pace.

This first Leopard-only release contains only nuts & bolts changes that ready the product for more Leopard-only developments.

Version 1.6

19th November 2008

The new version now remembers your settings between different sessions and allows you to create "droplet" mini-applications that store frequently used settings and allow you to re-apply them to the content of new source folders via simple drag & drop.

Version 1.6 beta 1

17th November 2008

Adds support for creating self-contained droplet mini-applications that can be used to store and re-apply frequently used settings via simple drag & drop.

Version 1.5.1

27th October 2008

Small fix for the MP3/AAC support.

Version 1.5

22nd October 2008

The new version adds the ability to make the creation of deeper hierarchy levels dependent on the number of files on each level.

It also restores MP3/AAC support for the splitting feature.

Version 1.5 beta 2

17th October 2008

This beta restores MP3/AAC support for the splitting feature and fixes a few bugs in the first beta.

Version 1.5 beta 1

8th October 2008

This beta adds the ability of making the creation of deeper hierarchy levels dependent on the number of files per level.

It is released as a beta because it makes significant internal changes and there is thus potential for new bugs to have crept in.. we have tested the new version extensively but if you notice anything please let us know at so that we can fix it before the version goes "final".

Version 1.4.5

23rd September 2008

The new version adds:

  • new options for batch folder creation
  • new sentence and proper case options for folder hierarchy creation

Version 1.4.1

28th February 2008

Restores 10.4 compatibility.

Version 1.4

27th February 2008

Adds support for using id3 tags in mp3, m4a, m4b and m4p iTunes Music Store music files to split music collections by album, artist, etc.

Version 1.3.5

30th January 2008

Improved performance, stability and scalability.

Version 1.3.1

10th January 2008

This releases fixes Tiger compatibility which was broken by version 1.3.

Version 1.3

9th January 2008

The new version now allows files to be moved as well as copied, thus greatly speeding up large batch jobs. This release broke Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Compatibility and only worked correctly under Leopard.

Version 1.2.1

12th December 2007

This update fixes two problems:

  • invisible files were previously copied if the "subfolders" checkbox was unticked
  • copying files containing forward slashes in their name would cause errors and not be copied

Version 1.2

29th November 2007

This new release focuses on stability, performance and scalability

  • fixed a multi-threading bug that could crash the application on Leopard
  • significantly reduced memory foot print of the processing engine, so that it can now safely handle hundreds of thousands of files
  • optimized some slower operations using Leopard-only features
  • remains both Leopard and Tiger compatible

Version 1.1

14th November 2007

This release addresses issues that were raised after the 1.0 release:

  • the program now remains open after the end of a run
  • the conflict resolution description has been clarified
  • the case settings for custom hierarchy splitting schemes are now honored
  • the program now provides a better warning that it operates in trial mode

Version 1.0

10th October 2007

This is the first full release of this software.

Version 1.0 Beta 3

12th September 2007

The third beta significantly expands the "Split Files into Folder Hierarchies" feature, by allowing you to define your own splitting criteria, based on the names or the time and date attributes of your files or digital photos.

Version 1.0 Beta 2

14th August 2007

After our initial product name "Big Bang" seemed to already be taken, the icon and artwork for the renamed "Big Mean Folder Machine" is now ready. We hope you'll enjoy it!

Version 1.0 Beta 1

20th June 2007

This is the very first public release of this product.