Dynamic Wallpapers

Dynamic wallpapers are desktop backgrounds that change throughout the day. Boring Old Menu Bar allows you to automatically update your wallpaper at regular intervals.

  • right click the menu bar item and select your preferred update interval in the Dynamic Wallpaper submenu.

Each update will cause the menu bar to become transparent for a few seconds before re-appearing, so how often you want to update the wall paper depends on how much you mind this. Refresh Once an Hour is probably the best setting for most people, most of the time.

If you are not using dynamic wallpaper, it’s best to switch the feature off by selecting No Automatic Refresh.

Automatically react to changes

Boring Old Menu Bar can react automatically to changes in:

  • switching from dark mode to light mode or vice-versa
  • changing the resolution of a screen
  • adding or removing a display

Again this will lead to the menu bar becoming transparent for a few moments. If you find this annoying you can switch off the feature:

  • right click the menu bar item and untick the Automatically React to Changes menu item.

You can manually adjust the menu bar background by using the main on/off switch:

  • left click the menu bar item
  • click on the on/off switch at the top left to deactivate the menu bar background
  • click on the on/off switch again to re-activate the menu bar background

My Desktop Wallpaper is Black!

Boring Old Menu Bar works by taking a screenshot of your desktop background and changing it. There are situations, especially if you are running a multi-screen setup with third party displays that take a few seconds to wake from sleep that macOS is still busy waking up the screen and setting the wallpaper, when Boring Old Menu Bar takes its desktop background screenshot.. in which case the background will be pure black.

You can restore your beautiful desktop wallpaper by de-activating and re-activating Boring Old Menu Bar with the on/off switch.

You may also end up with a black wallpaper if your user does not have permission to record the screen. In theory, all admin users have permission to record (only) the Desktop window, so this should not usually be necessary.

  • select System Preferences… in the Apple menu
  • select Security & Privacy
  • select Privacy
  • select Screen Recording
  • click on the Lock icon and enter your password
  • add Boring Old Menu Bar to list of applications

Boring Old Menu Bar is taking up a precious menu bar item slot!

Give it back!

There is relief in sight for those suffering from menu bar item slot scarcity… I’m working on a solution.