Version 1.12

15th December 2020

The new version improves support for slide show-style wallpapers.

Version 1.11

25th November 2020

The new release:

  • introduces a screen corner only option
  • fixes a major bug that would prevent Boring Old Menu Bar from working on some non-English setups
  • fixes a bug that could de-stabilize the tool after an automatic Software Update is run

Version 1.10

22nd November 2020

The new version allows black screen detection to be disabled for those who rock an all-black wallpaper.

Version 1.09

20th November 2020

The new version allows the menu bar icon to be hidden, so you can reclaim that precious menu bar space.

Version 1.08

19th November 2020

The new version solves a startup bug on M1 equipped Macs.

Version 1.07

17th November 2020

The new version adds black-screen detection and improved support for spaces.

Version 1.06

2nd November 2020

The new version adds the option to customize the delay before BOMB reacts to resolution, wallpaper or wake-up events.

If you are experiencing black wallpaper artefacts when you wake your Mac from sleep, increasing this delay to 5 seconds or more should eliminate this problem.

Version 1.05

28th October 2020

The new version adds support for multiple spaces.

Version 1.04

21st October 2020

The new version adds native Apple Silicon support.

Version 1.03

16th October 2020

The new version fixes a bug affecting macOS 11 beta 10 users.

Version 1.02

29th September 2020

The new version:

  • adds support for dynamic wall papers
  • adds support for automatic dark mode switching
  • adds separate menu bar preferences for light and dark mode
  • other enhancements and bug fixes

Version 1.01

23rd September 2020

This version solves an exotic problem when a multi-monitor setup is woken from sleep.

Version 1.00 final

16th September 2020

This is the first full release of this tool. It adds a menu item that allows you to switch off automatic detection of wallpaper and resolution changes.