The Main Dialog

The main dialog of A Better Finder Attributes is subdivided into a number of distinct areas.

The "Action:" popup menu allows you specify which action will be applied.

As soon as you select an action its parameters will be displayed below it in the dialog.

At the bottom of the dialog you will find a number of buttons.

The "Perform Changes" button applies the currently selected action and parameters to the selected files and closes the application. Press the return key or click on the button to process the selected files.

The "Create Droplet..." button allows you to save the current settings to a droplet application.

The File Drawer

To the right of the main dialog, you see the "file list".

It displays an invitation to "Drag Your Files and Foders Here" and once you do so it is replaced by a table showing the names of the selected files and the file attributes that are relevant to the currently selected action.

You can switch the "Path" column on and off in the menus. The displayed columns will change according to which action is selected.

At the bottom of the preview window are three checkboxes, which allow you to process files and folders separately and to include or exclude files and folders in sub-folders.

  • files All the selected files will be processed. This setting does not affect the selected folders!
  • folders All the selected folders will be processed. This setting does not affect the selected files.
  • subfolders and their contents A Better Finder Attributes will process not only the selected files or folders, but will also the files and folders inside of all of the selected folders. In other words it will process everything within the folder hierarchy of the selected folders.

The settings of the three check boxes can be combined. Ticking all three check boxes, for instance, means that all files and folders inside of the file hierarchy of all selected folders will be processed. Unticking the folder check box will mean that only the files inside of the folder hierarchy will be processed, etc..