Version 1.27

17th October 2022

The new version fix a minor annoyance.

Version 1.26

11th October 2022

The new version improves compatibility with solid color wallpapers.

Version 1.25

26th September 2022

The new version addresses an issue that would cause macOS to quietly kill the application process at unpredictable times, but usually while either the display or the machine are asleep.

Version 1.23

4th November 2021

The new version fixes an issue with the corner settings.

Version 1.22

1st November 2021

The latest Safari update introduces an additional security check when activating extensions. This wrongly thinks that the screen corners drawn by De-Notch-ifier are trying to interfere with clicks. This update resolves the issue.

Version 1.21

29th October 2021

The new version respects the plus one and minus one size options for the 2021 MacBook Pro models.

Version 1.20

28th October 2021

The new version adds an option to immediately force update a wall paper.

Version 1.19

25th June 2021

This is the first release of this product.

De-Notch-ifier is based on the existing Boring Old Menu Bar so it starts at version 1.19.